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Four facts about character: 

1. All of us must have character.  Character is essentially loving God and others; seeking their highest good. It is the opposite of self-centeredness.  Why do we react very quickly when we see self-centeredness in others, but excuse ourselves?  

Because He created us, God deserves and demands that He (not we) be the center of our lives.  Anyone who rejects God's authority will be punished with what they wanted: a completely self-centered eternity.  It's called Hell. 

2. None of us do have character.  We can try to act like we're not self-centered, appearing very decent and moral.  But even this morality is self-centered: we do it to gain the acceptance of others or so we can feel proud of ourselves. 

3. Someone else does have character.  Jesus came to earth and lived a life completely centered around loving God and others.  (Read one of the first four books in the New Testament and see for yourself.)

4.  Any of us can have character.  (This is the greatest news ever!)  Anyone who sees his own bankruptcy of character--his selfishness, his rebellion against God--may ask God to "apply" the character of Jesus to his own "account".  God has promised to do this when asked, because when Jesus was crucified He took upon Himself the punishment we deserved. 

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