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Canon Printhead for iP4500, iP5300, MP610, MP810, MX850

Canon Printhead for iP4500, iP5300, MP610, MP810, MX850
Genuine Canon Printhead. This replaces QY6-0067-000.
Readily available
Price: $78.75
Manufacturer Code: QY6-0075-000

This is a new, genuine Canon printhead.  Canon does not include ink cartridges with their new print heads.  You can install the ink cartridges from your old print head in the new printhead if they still have ink in them. 

Wondering what causes print heads to go bad?  Usually it is not circuitry failure but simply dried nozzles.  The symptom of dried nozzles is white horizontal lines in the print for one or more colors.  Usually you can print a nozzle check from your printer software which shows a pattern of lines.  If a nozzle is dried, it will show a blank where there should be a line.

Dried nozzles can be caused by several things, including a poorly seated ink cartridge, or lack of use (letting the printer sit for a few weeks without using).

Sometimes print heads can be "resuscitated".  Of course, first start by running several cleaning cycles using your printer's software.  If that doesn't work, try removing the printhead and carefully cleaning the bottom of it with water.  Some of our customers have reported they've been able to get their print head unclogged by soaking the nozzles in Windex. 

Sometimes the printhead problems are caused not by a defective print head but by a “gunky” parking station.  The parking station is the place where the print head “rests” when it is not printing.  Usually it’s on the right side of the printer (looking at the printer from the front).  The parking station has rubber seals that are supposed to surround the printhead when it’s parked.  These seals have two purposes: 1) to keep the printhead from drying out when it is not printing, and 2) to provide a tight seal for strong suction when the printer is self-cleaning the head.  Some printers also have rubber wiper blades that move across the bottom of the printhead to remove accumulated ink.  All these rubber pieces get “gunked” up over time with condensed ink.  This prevents a tight seal, allowing the head to dry out.  The good news: the rubber can be cleaned!  Best tool is a Q-tip dipped in water.  You’ll need several Q-tips. 

For easier access to the parking station, open the cover of the printer so that the print head carriage comes to the middle (as if to replace an ink cartridge).  Unplug power from the printer.  Then use your hand to gently slide the printhead carriage over to the left, so that you can access the parking station (at right) more easily.  When you are finishing cleaning, close the printer, plug power back in, and turn it on.  The printhead will automatically return to the parking station.

(Note: we will not be responsible for any damage to property or persons which result from these instructions.)

Print heads are not returnable. There is a 90 day warranty on Canon printheads.
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Shipping: Can ship anywhere
Weight: 0.5 lb

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Positive Customer Review
JJO (Guest)
new printhead solved the problem
My Canon MP610 was printing black and white copies which were streaky and had light text on some lines. I ran at least a half dozen deep cleaning cycles with no positive results. So I tried removing the printhead and cleaning it.

I soaked it in a shallow container of hot water. Be very careful not to get water on the "chip" on the back of the printhead and don't touch it either. If the "chip" is compromised in any way it won't work.

I dropped Windex onto the jet screens and let the printhead sit. I emptied out the inky water and replaced it a bunch of times and put more Windex on the jet screens.

After two days of this I replaced the Windex with water and flushed the jet screens.

I then stood the printhead on a clean white paper towel and let it drain and "dry". I sopped up the water around the jet screens with clean Q-Tips.

Then I reinstalled the printhead with a new set of ink tanks and printed a test page. The streaks remained.

At this point I knew that the black PGBK portion of the printhead was not going to work properly no matter how much I cleaned it. I really like this printer so I decided to replace the printhead even though I could replace the entire printer for less money than the head was going to cost. When the new printhead arrived I installed it and printed a test page that was just lovely. No streaks, no variance in color, nothing bad.

Replacing the printhead solved my problem and I am glad to have saved a printer I hold dear. It is nice to know that some things can still be fixed rather than replaced. It is also nice to know that there are websites like this one where I can get good quality parts when I need them.
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